D.A.V. International School, Ahmedabad

DAVD.A.V. International School, Ahmedabad, located in the serene, pollution free corridor of Ahmedabad city, has been established to give our children a unique Global Educational Experience. The aim is to be an institution where learners of various nationalities and backgrounds can live and learn together in harmony.  

D.A.V. Int, is an enlightening experience in many ways. For us, it translates into working with a dedicated team of teachers, providing the right balance of care, support and discipline for students. It also translates our efforts into creating an environment conducive for learning and thus ensuring holistic growth and development of our children.   

To further our vision of Holistic learning, we have interwoven our curriculums with elements of creativity, project approach, life skill learning & hands on experience. We have ensured that our infrastructure is not only futuristic, but also supplements our learning methodology thus ensuring its relevance & creates an educational and creative stimulus for our children. Providing dedicated spaces for various creative engagements like digital art, sound recordings, dance forms, language proficiency, numeric proficiency, indoor sports, play grounds for sports & physical endurance activities has been a priority at D.A.V.

D.A.V. Int. proposes to offer CBSE based syllabus from Pre Primary till Grade 12.  Keeping in mind the intellectual, physical & spiritual development of the child, we at D.A.V. Int. lay stress on academics, sports and value education. All through, the emphasis is on learning & that it is not a disagreeable task but an enjoyable experience that fires learner’s imagination.


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